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    Category: Hosting
    Hits: 478962
2. Age of Chaos
    Category: MUDS
    Hits: 123471
3. IPB Directory
    Category: Internet
    Hits: 94567
    Category: Food
    Hits: 34745
5. Top 10 Exposure...
    Category: Root
    Hits: 30523
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Age of Chaos

Age of Chaos

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How to have your Site use MPS Rank
User Rating: / 14
This is a list of all the Categories that MPS has provided specialized Ranking for. If you are interested in voting for your site follow the following steps. (Currently only MUDS has MPS Specific Ranking, this will grow with time)

1) Add your site to our directory (E.G. MUDS, go to category Games->MUDS and then click Add Listing button found on the left menu bar).

2) After you have been approved ( you will receive an email saying so), find your detailed listing in our directory.

3) Look for the detailed data item called "Listing ID". Note the #.

4) Add a link on your site using one of our buttons or a text link with the following link: Listing_ID

Example for Age of Chaos is:

That's it! - Your site is now on its way to using Most Popular Sites (MPS) Ranking!

If you would like your Category using our Ranking system, contact us on our contact page!
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