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    Category: Hosting
    Hits: 493191
2. Age of Chaos
    Category: MUDS
    Hits: 127915
3. IPB Directory
    Category: Internet
    Hits: 95227
    Category: Food
    Hits: 34959
5. Top 10 Exposure...
    Category: Root
    Hits: 30788
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Translations Group

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1. Estrogen Receptor...
    Category: Cancer
    Created: Sep 14, 2012
2. Advanced MTC Treatment
    Category: Medicine
    Created: Sep 7, 2012
3. Advanced Medullary...
    Category: Medicine
    Created: Aug 24, 2012
4. CONFIRM Study
    Category: Cancer
    Created: Aug 16, 2012
5. rehab centers in...
    Category: Health Insurance
    Created: Feb 7, 2012
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Site Popularity

We now include with each Site a set of site popularity features. Below is a brief explanation of what each site popularity feature means.

Search Most Popular Sites - (Search Box can be found at the top of any page, below the banner ad). It will return results in MPS Rank Descending Order. - Our Search Engine will return results in MPS Rank Order with the highest MPS rank first. Give it a try and let us know what you think on our contact us page.

MSN Link Popularity - This is the number of Links reported by MSN to point to the site in this listing. Usually the higher the number the better!

Yahoo Link Popularity - This is the number of Links reported by Yahoo to point to the site in this listing. Usually the higher the number the better!

Alexa Rank - This number is reported by Alexa and gives an overall value of how much traffic this site gets. The lower the number the better.

Google PageRank - This is a value from 0 to 10 that Google uses to give a specific URL a rank. The higher the value the better. For example, google is a 10.

MPS Rank - This is Most Popular Sites Ranking of your site. The higher the number the more popular we believe your site to be. Compare your MPS Rank to other sites (either your competitors or not).

Our Popularity metrics are updated once a week since the last update, Except for Hits which is always updated immediately.
Questions? Comments? Why not contact us!

Future Features

We will be offering new methods to view sites. Currently we list sites with the most hits. In the future, our new default will be MPS Rank. But we will also be offering Ranking by any of the above mentioned Site Popularity Types.

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